Some say that SEO is dead, and now you can’t improve your situation using link building techniques. But no, they are wrong, SEO would not have died, but they could change their name, but without the right SEO, the top place would not have replaced the search engine results page.


SEO techniques have changed a lot in the past. Speaking 5-10 years ago, I know that a web page is more natural to rank in the top 10 Google search results. Using a simple optimization page and pages with 5-10 links, you can reach your place in the search engines ranking. However, over time, Google has updated its algorithms to filter the best results for search engine users. These updates are handy for viewers, but not for webmasters and SEO. After each algorithm update, the site’s rating changes up and down.


SEO professionals maintain their site until the search engine is fined by updating the algorithm. SEO has completely changed, but some technologies will forever stay in SEO and won’t disappear over time. I present you four ways to SEO which will last forever.


The following four SEO technologies will not fade over time: SEO 2019

1. On the SEO page:

It doesn’t stop with time. This is the basis for placing any site in the search results with links or SEO without pages. Page SEO is essential to place any site on the search engine results page. The SEO page is essential for any website. The term “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” is used to combine the title, meta description, title tags, image optimization, page load time, content, link text, internal link, external links, and more.


2. Writing and promoting content:

No site can be created without content. The most crucial thing on any site is its content. To improve the site or its services, various content marketing events are used.


Requires articles, guest messages, blogs, 2.0 websites, press releases, and more, as well as other content marketing events. Therefore, content marketing will always be very useful in SEO. The marketing content of your marketing site was accessible in the old days and is still valuable and will be helpful for SEO ads.


3. Share on social networks

Social sharing is essential to increase traffic to your site or post. Create beautiful and useful content for your users. Share your content on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and more. Join groups and pages in your category and share content there. A broad audience spends most of their free time on social networks. Thus, there is a way to improve access to your site by posting on social networks. In the past, social networks were not very popular, but over the past three to four years, social networks have become a meaningful way to attract redirected traffic.


4. Video recording:

Video is ubiquitous in the digital age. There are many short video platforms where people post funny, entertaining, informative videos, tricks, tips, and videos about other technologies. Participation in the video is better than any other content. People never stop watching videos for informational, entertainment, and other purposes.



Search engine optimization will never be forgotten. Technology updates over time, but you’ll always have SEO updates in the image above. So if you’re looking for the secrets of SEO success, don’t forget that in an era of SEO.